MOC (Marriage of convenience) Site

Lil about myself - I'm a gay NRI living overseas who understands the predicament my "non straight" Indian brothers / sisters have to go face when it comes to marriage. This site endeavors to help many such prospective "partner seekers" who are willing to get into a MOC relationship and help each other out mutually.

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Hi all just came across this professional gay lesbian marriage website ( which has just been up this year sometime it appears. For a small fee from US$18 to US$35, you can be a member from 1 - 3 years.

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Hi folks,

Welcome to this site. This site is dedicated to help your find your perfect alternate partners.

Though section 377 of the Indian constitution has been overturned, it will take years for the average mums and dads to realise that what they perceive as "non straight" children are perfectly normal, its no one's fault for them being the way they are and that they have a different preference to fulfil their basic instincts. With that in mind this blog is just an endeavour to represent these section of people and help them to find their partners who are in similar situation and can help each other out in more than one way, so that they can have a more fulfilling life and be progressive rather than being in alliance with the wrong person and ruining their lives as well and getting stuck in life.

Over the years, I have visited a number of sites which have endeavoured to assist people in this way but have been abandoned or shut down, and the remaining cater to local areas though everyone can place ads but they may not serve one's purpose.

To advertise, please email me at and after review and editing, the contents will be published, so I advise you to design short, decent and legitimate contents for quick publishing on the site.

Over the course of time, this site will be updated with requests from those interested but please bear in mind that no verification of the candidates has been done and it is your responsibility to ensure that the person you make contact with has not been involved in unfair practices and is genuine. Also, any mishaps arising out of the use of the site will be the responsibility of the user(s).

Also, since this is a free site, once the maximum size is reached, a small fee will be charged to upgrade and continue the site which I will inform you of on this page depending on when that happens. 

Also anyone who has been successful in finding  a match please let us know, so that we can create a "testimonial page" and the success of the site can be measured and also, if you could let others know of the site via by word of mouth, you would be doing them a favour. Also, if you are keen to help others and want to assist by donating, you are welcome to do so by emailing On the event of even a single donation coming in, a special gratitude page will be dedicated to those donors. 

A small request - just to assist me in my quest for altruism to other folks in a similar situation, please mention which site you used to get here, so that I can focus my efforts there to help more people out.    

So have a happy experience searching for your perfect partner !